Meredith Poston was born to be an artist.

She was born in Louisville, Kentucky into a family who appreciated the fine and performing arts. Her father was a trained Medical Illustrator and a faculty member at the university and her mother was dedicated to community service organizations, many of which supported the arts. From an early age, Meredith wanted to be a fine artist and was strongly encouraged by her family. She focused on human and animal subjects, but eagerly copied her father’s medical illustrations, especially detailed anatomical drawings of the skull and surgeon’s hands.

Throughout her adolescence, Meredith’s passion for art grew. She participated in art classes and camps throughout high school. She attended Western Carolina University, majoring in Fine Art and Communications and immersing herself in the printmaking program, emphasizing the style of Basquiat. After graduation Meredith left the North Carolina mountains for the Charleston coastline, settling on James Island in 2009.

Meredith paints abstract expressionist remembrances and reflections. She has late onset temporal lobe epilepsy, and finds solace in loose, sporadic brushstrokes, with a combination of soft elements juxtaposed with stark separations of contrasting color. Her work is an expression of nature as she sees it. Colorful, sometimes gentle, but often with startling reality. Meredith paints in her home studio and is a freelance writer.

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